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Siti Fathiyah is my name. I am a girl who was born in Manggar Baru, Balikpapan on Thursday, 19th March 1992, as a first daughter of Drs. EC. Ardiansyah and Zainab Sunnar. First, i’ll explain about my name story. SITI FATHIYAH. Siti Fathiyah is a general name of girl’s name. My parent got it from my father’s teacher. “Siti” means “Miss” in Arabic called “Sayyidah” but most of people consucted it. “Fathiyah” is a word from “fataha” means opened but here we can translated it by “blessing”.
I live in East Borneo, East Balikpapan in beautiful village named Manggar Baru. When I was child, I started to study at school. I graduated from Elementary school (SD) no.011 Manggar Baru from 1999 – 2004, junior high school at Islamic Boarding School Asy-Syifa Balikpapan from 2004 – 2007, and senior high school from 2007 – 2010 either. And the last, I chosen Islamic Institud Antasari at Banjarmasin, South Borneo, in Religion Department  by the next institution for my study. I started it from 2010 until – now.
My hobby is shopping, travelling, and Cooking. I really love shopping because shopping is important to improve my outfit. Besides that, I love traveling very much, because I love photograph. I love to be the model of the photographer. And searching so many places to be the background of my photo. Not only for searching any background photo, I love travelling because when I go to another places, I’ll get new friends. And also get the unforgettable story for my self. And last is cooking. I love to make a new food with my own recipe, and give it to my friends. In my opinion, the nice foods are indicating the feeling well of the chef.
About my weakness and excess all of people sure have weakness and excess in their own and I am too. Most of my family, say that I am a cruel girl, and consumptive. So, if I have some money I will buy something that I want all though that is not important to me.  
Besides weakness sure I have an excess. I am an optimist girl. When I was child, my parent always say than I am a success girl and I will be a successful woman. I am sure that. I am smart, friendly, cute, I am confidence, always think positive, and sure I am beautiful, besides that, I am a creative girl. I always do something that I want and I try to make something different that the other don’t mind it yet.
My father is a teacher in society. My mother is a teacher of computer. She has a mini cours in my town. My mother is my inspiration. She always give me some directive to face something and give me spirit to look ahead, and always optimist to try to realize my dreams. She always say that I am the best. she is my angel.
My family are my spirit. The best event in my live is, when I born in this world and be my mother’s children. My life motto is “ I Believe That’s I Can Be The Winner! “.

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